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Welcome to The Hollies
The Hollies
is a superior private residential care home that has been providing care to the elderly for more than 25 years. We are located in the beautiful and peaceful conservation area of Broxbourne just north of London, and close to all major amenities and transport links. Our residents enjoy a relaxed and homely lifestyle in magnificent surroundings, with 24 hour personalized and tailored care from our exceptional and experienced staff.

Our care philosophy at The Hollies is to offer an excellent level of care and ensure residents maintain their independence and dignity. We respect our resident’s preferences and offer choice in all things from food to activities. We want each resident to love living with us at The Hollies, to feel secure, happy, contented and completely at home.

Our standards and quality of care is at the centre of all we do. We strive to celebrate each individuals life and encourage them to live life to the full by providing service and support for the enhancement of a positive and healthy lifestyle. Each day we work to lessen the cause of our residents mental and physical discomfort, making their everyday lives happier and more comfortable.